Sunday, 16 January 2011

Running out with snow-white tail (Introduction)

Hello, I'm Wes White... this is the first post for what will eventually, hopefully, if I get it right, look something like a music blog.

This is as much as anyone out there is likely to know about me:

I'm the editor/curator of Attack!!!! magazine, a writer when I can be, and in years past I was heavily involved in getting Glastonbury Festival's 'Emerging Talent Competition' up and running.

Last year (2010) I managed to grab a few headlines (1 2 3 4) with a project for independent musicians called Storm the Charts - and, okay, we didn't take the top 40 down in the end but we did have fun trying.

Oh, and - this is a new thing - I'm also now the manager of Bath-based noise-pop duo The Hysterical Injury - although 'managing' is so far quite a grand term for what I do for them, which could to date more aptly be called 'cheerleading'. In any case, they are FANTASTIC, and you MUST CHECK THEM OUT. Okay? Much more on them in the weeks and months to come, obviously.

Glastonbury's ETC has moved on since my day, via Q magazine (meh) and on to what now looks like a much more interesting format with the shortlist from those who enter being drawn up by 40 active music bloggers. I am really pleased to see that people who are passionate about discovering new music and who are going to be in a position to champion some of the artists who apply, regardless of whether their favourites are named as winners or not, are now in charge of the shortlists there, and seeing some of their blogs is a large part of the inspiration for this one.

The main thing though is I just want to keep hearing lots more music. I've no real expectation that anyone else will care a great deal what I think about it, but if you do choose to follow me, well, thank you very much indeed, I hope we find something good together.

The title of the blog comes from a review of an Archie Bronson Outfit gig I wrote for Artrocker magazine. The title of this post comes from 'Rabbit Kids' by Shrag - they were one of the 40 winners from Storm the Charts.

More soon. Thanks for reading.