Monday, 7 March 2011

Glastonbury ETC longlist 2011 - Spotify playlist

Glastonbury Festival's annual Emerging Talent Competition longlist was announced last night.

They've gone for a completely different format than in recent years, asking 41 music bloggers to pick 3 bands each from a given batch.

I'm very pleased to see Hysterical Injury have made the list, kudos to Jon Sidwell of Music Liberation for picking them out. The whole list of 123 has to be whittled down to 8 before the finalists are known. It's great that they've published the whole longlist.

More on all this later, but for anyone who'd like to hear them, I've made a Spotify playlist of all the bands on the longlist I could find - the link is

If you know of any mistakes here - bands I've missed or mixed up, or if you're in one of them and would like a different track featured, email me at or leave a comment and let me know.

*with apologies to the many bands on the longlist who aren't on Spotify.