Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Heartbeat of a Rabbit Amazing Radio challenge

This blog is fully in support of the campaign that's sprung up in support of Amazing Radio, in the last few days, since the station announced it had to withdraw from broadcasting on DAB.

But I think that telling people how good a station is is no good: they have to find out for themselves.

In that spirit this is the Hearbeat of a Rabbit blog's 'Amazing Radio challenge'. It's for anyone who's not already on board with the campaign.

This is the whole challenge:

1. Go to
2. Click to listen live, and check out what's playing right now.
3. Whatever you get, whatever time you tune in, ask yourself, do you think there should be more of this sort of thing on the radio?

If the answer's no, don't worry, forget it.

If it's yes, though, it's up to you to do these things:

1. Sign the petition to get Amazing back on its biggest public platform, DAB
2. 'Like' and 'follow' the campaign on Facebook and Twitter
3. Tell all your mates. I'm sure you know how to do that. A start would be linking them to this blogpost.

I'm confident that the vast majority of people who tune in are going to hear something they want to hear more of. It certainly won't be an advert, it will almost always be new music, and at that it will almost always be something interesting. If none of those things you'll usually find at least an engaged presenter and another new tune not far down the line. I reckon people will straight away realise this is something they want to support.