Sunday, 9 October 2016

So it *is* still there...

The last twelve months or so - maybe more - have been a desert, in terms of new music, for me. Incredibly, those conversations with friends about the tragic demise of MySpace, of all things, still come around (another thing to blame Rupert Murdoch for). It got so I was hearing so little music, that almost *any* new song would give me tingles. Incidental music overheard in a shopping centre, maybe. Some poor tune twisted into a po-faced version of itself an advert for an app. Daytime radio, god help me (ok, I admit, I'm making it up, now). Where do young folk - any folk - find their music nowadays? They don't have MySpace! They don't have mix CDs! It's a mystery, at least to a man who's never really gotten along with that Spotify. Where do they find it? Not on my unwritten blog, that's for sure. It's a comfort as a blogger to know that one sure reason no-one might be reading your blog, is that you haven't written it in the first place, anyway.


I know that there is fantastic music coming out all the time, but nobody needs me to tell them about David Bowie or Radiohead or PJ Harvey. So here are some things I heard that I loved, lately, and made me think maybe it's still worth listening out for things after all.

Faith Elliott's 'Insects' is on Song, By Toad records and if you don't think that Pyrite Ammonite is a beautiful poem of a song then you probably shouldn't listen to anything I say ever again:

And Penelope Isles have this out on Art Is Hard records and they are apparently a brother-sister duo, which as we all know can only be a good thing and what we all have to say next is "are there really only two of them, how do they make that sound?!" Actually their Facebook lists four of them in the band, which is definitely cheating as far as that's concerned, but cheating is allowed if you end up with something like this:

Also, Thought Forms are crowdfunding for their 65 Days of Static support slots and you can still pledge for CDs and t-shirts and extraordinary unique things but we are not going to talk about the beautiful beautiful purple vinyl which has sold out because we will both just weep about it if we do. Okay? Okay.