Wednesday, 9 February 2011

First update

It's taken me this long to post the first 'proper' Heartbeat of a Rabbit update (ie, something that isn't just a post saying it's going to happen) - largely because the #savelibraries situation has been occupying a great deal of my thought and spare-time these last few weeks, but also because I've been being a bit of a coward, dreaming of some kind of impossibly perfect first post which would make it abundantly clear just how much of a finger-on-the-pulse type of music fan I really am, by, I don't know, maybe declaring here that some guy recording demos in his bedroom that only I know about is the must-hear man of the moment and then seeing him take his self-made album to number one next week, or something. Ahuh, yeah, right.

Then I had a look around a few other music blogs and realised half of them are all going on about household names anyway, so forget that, I'm just going to talk about what I've been listening to and trust that the global awakening to my listening genius will inevitably come to pass in time... of course...

Today I came across two Pogo tracks that were new to me. The first Pogo track I ever heard was 'Wishery', via Jon Hillcock's New Noise podcast in November. I'm very proud to say this podcast also featured 'The Key Underground', a song I wrote with Yusuf Azak:

If you haven't seen Yusuf play live, you can be one of the first 20 people in the world to watch this YouTube clip, if you're quick:

Anyway, yes, Pogo. This is 'Wishery', god it's gorgeous -

Pogo has at least a dozen of these trippy film remixes up on his channel now, the newest one of which to me is 'Whisperlude'; from 'A Little Princess', which he says has by a long way the most vocal clips he's used in a single track -

- and the newest of all is 'Joburg Jam', in which Pogo has remixed a whole lot of recorded 'real-life' video from a trip to Johannesburg -

Pogo is intending this to be the start of a series of tracks built around travel to different destinations, funded by fans - if you want to help him out, check his kickstarter site. The good news is he's already got the money for the next trip.

These remixes remind me of Kutiman's 'Thru-You' Youtube remix project a couple of years back. If you don't know what that was, I insist you click here.

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