Thursday, 1 December 2011

Megan Wright reviews Hysterical Injury

Telling you how awesome I think Hysterical Injury's debut album is would be fairly meaningless, being as I am their manager.

So instead I sat my octogenarian grandmother down with a pen and paper and put it on, and this is what we got. The album was released on 6th February 2012 and was one of the first people to hear it. A typed transcription follows the notepad scans.

Hysterical Injury - Dead Wolf Situation

"Hysterical Injury!!

1.) Halo Alkanes
Rhythm - very good start!!
Voice clear & musical
Foot tapping, encouraging one to find someone to partner, dance & hum along with.
Heavy, - then too heavy for most folks' pleasure but excellent for carnival parades.

Ice Break
If they are hoping to break ice with this one, they will find themselves knee deep in water!!
Patrolling, singing along!
Good voice good tempo
Guitar sound good
It keeps the drum movement swinging along!

Cycle One!!
Diction on music, non understandable, trilling good: improves as music swings along.

Very good rhythm.
Voice with music super!!
It makes one swing along with it.
In a small part it feels as if the needle has got stuck - only for a short while.

Track 5 Rosetta's Waves
A slightly rough sea!
Trying to swim through the sea AND SING! Very difficult but well activated.
It sounds a bit like someone wanting to go back to save folk from THE TITANIC.

The Works Track 6
They seem to be working against the clock so as to have no overtime to work!
Very swingy!! Electrifying

Track 7 Visions of Trees
The wind is blowing the trees in an interesting fashion
One wants to dance along with friends who will hold one.

These musicians will go far, because they are super."

We don't yet have my gran's views on the remaining 5 tracks of the album, but if I get a chance to sit her down to listen to them, I'll share those with you too.

You now can hear the whole thing for yourself below. (and buy. Buy! BUY!!!)

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