Monday, 4 June 2012

Fresh on the Net Listening Post picks 4th June 2012

Tom Robinson's Fresh on the Net show no longer goes out on 6music (which is a shame), but it lives on in the form of the Fresh on the Net website. Every week now Tom and his team are putting up a selection of tracks from those submitted to their Soundcloud group, and inviting the public to pick 5 favourites. The listening and voting happens over the weekend, then a smaller batch of "Fresh Faves" goes up on the page for the week. Personally I think the "Faves" list could do with being a little shorter so it's a bit more special for bands to get on it, and to give more chance of the casual passer-by stopping to listen to them all. But anyway there are some good finds to be had there.

I don't think all of my own picks this week are likely to make the cut, so I'm posting them all up here. The order is just that in which they appeared on the original Listening Post. My favourites of these are Shura and Mountain Folk. The publically voted favourites should go up at later today.

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  1. Glad you like the track! Thanks for posting.

    - Adam (Afternaut)