Friday, 15 March 2013

She Makes War - Never Was (Cajita remix)

So, apparently, checking how long it is since anything was last posted here... this was the first piece of music I cared enough about to blog about since New Year. Making it easily frontrunner for the Heartbeat of a Rabbit Tracks of the Year 2013, right? [Disclaimer: I will probably never get round to making one of those. Because I usually get to the end of the year and can think of about 2 and a half tracks I liked enough for such a list. This will be one of them].


She Makes War is Laura Kidd, she and Tom and Annie Hysterical make music together sometimes, an example of which is the live recording of 'In This Boat' which appears as this track's b-side and which was actually recorded in a boat - appropriate. She doesn't really make war, that's just a name. She makes music instead. If she did make war it would be beautiful, moody, catchy war, and she would Do It Herself.

Cajita is a Bristol musician I've clearly not paid enough attention to previously. I'm told he has mean live loop pedal skills.

I liked this track so much I paid more than she asked for it. You should too.

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