Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Kutiman does Tokyo

If you don't know Kutiman yet, think of him as the ultimate mash-up artist. The Israeli producer caused a storm a few years back with his Thru-You project, which took scores of hitherto unknown musicians' YouTube clips, and (unknown to the musicians themselves until it was released) blended their sounds to produce 7 totally new pieces of music, crediting every one of them along the way. The results are inspiring and at times surprisingly emotional. He used the same technique for My Favorite Color, with similar results.

Since then Kutiman's been going out and finding original sounds from musicians all over given cities - including quite movingly his hometown of Jerusalem - making audio-tapestries that capture something of the spirit of the place and again show off numerous individual musicians to spectacular effect. This week Tokyo got the Kutiman treatment. See also the pieces made in Jerusalem and Krakow, and the ultimate Led Zeppelin cover, below.

Now... how do we get him to come to Bristol...

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